Thursday, May 12, 2016

93 Days Grain Free

I dedicated 93 days of my life to being grain free. That means no grains at all. No rice, wheat, corn, rye, barley, buckwheat, sorghum, teff, millet, oats, kamut or spelt. The results? I lost 16 pounds. I am less inflamed. I ate less junk and made better food choices overall. I am getting clearer in my mental, emotional and spiritual world. I have better skin and brighter eyes. I am able to control my sweets intake more. I feel much healthier and in charge of my life!

I did hop off the wagon for a week; after over three months of no grains I allowed myself a week of eating whatever I wanted. First things first, authentic Mexican cuisine! I was missing tacos and corn chips the most. I had an amazing meal at Manuel's in downtown Austin. The best Mole Enchiladas ever! Plus some chips and salsa, delightful civiché, and venison chorizo potatoe and corn cakes. So worth it! Later in the week I took the liberty of eating pizza (not worth it), gluten free pancakes (sort of worth it), popcorn (worth it), sushi (totally worth it) and tacos from the infamous Taco Deli here in ATX. One of the reasons I love Austin is the Mexican food, so going grain free has been a little hard for that reason alone.

Overall, I felt decent after eating the grains but gained back two pounds and could see the little food baby in my belly after eating them. I have chosen to continue with my grain free lifestyle and coach others who want to give this a try. 90 Days really makes a difference! Even my mom has been grain free for two weeks now :) If we can do it, anyone can.

Meal planning and prepping is the key! Stay hydrated and have grain frew snacks handy. Premake lunches and dinners, and have easy foods on hand to satisfy hanger (hunger & anger mixed - watch out)! Apples and peanut butter was my quick fix. I also start every day with with a nutrient dense smoothie and guayusa tea. That keeps me alert and fresh, and doesn't drag me down in the middle of the day like coffee and bagels used to.

Going grain free has helped me recover from adrenal fatigue and chronic pain. I also released my daily coffee drinking habit which also helped reduced pain and inflammation. I also quit using Marijuana and don't plan on returning to that habit. I love and appreciate grains, coffee and weed, and even the trio of these substances together is a nice treat but frequent use was destroying my adrenal glands, depleting my energy, dampening my dreams, hindering my focus and creating an emotional roller coaster for my brain. I also realized I was numbing myself from a lot that really needed to come to the surface. Grain free has been the start of a more integrated life of integrity, focus, health, wellbeing, stability, creativity, authentic sexuality, mental clarity and overall awesomeness!!!

I am choosing to stay grain free and will allow myself a cheat week a few times a year. This, for me, feels balanced. To each their own!

If you are feeling the call to jump off the Grain Train I am happy to help you. Connect with me via and use subject line Grain Free Consult for a free 15 minute chat to see if grain free is a fit for you. I love helping people reach their best version of themselves, and this has been a big personal step for me ♡

My before and after photos. I also used a certain workout to help build muscle and tone. Email me for more info on that! ShellieWhiteLight@gmail.con

A sample of one of the many delightful meals I ate. Lots of greens, fish, sweet potatoes, salads, fruits, smoothies, etc.

This was one of my favorite breakfasts. A paleo tortilla I made myself, with homemade sour krout, avocado and two fried eggs. Super yum! The grain free tortilla totally saved me when I needed that carb-y bread like fix. No bloating! :)

My name is Shellie White Light and I help women engage in a conscious lifestyle that brings them joy and vitality. I offer coaching in the areas of food, fitness and nutrition, travel and a free spirited lifeatyle, sacred sexuality and intimacy, and creating a life based around your passion and purpose ♡ Call or email for a free consultation! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Bed With Bread {60 Days of Grain Free Living}

Intro - Day One

I love bread. Bread loves me. Bread loves up on my belly, thighs, arms and butt like it’s his job. Bread caresses me when I’m feeling lonely, and picks me up when I’m feeling down. Bread has always been there for me, and always will be. I love bread....a little too much. I love bread so much, but I couldn’t stop with just having bread as a lover. Bread has all of these tantalizing cousins to get sticky with. The sweetness of Apple Fritters and the buttery goodness of a croissant have soothed my soul on many occasions. Bread didn’t even care, and just watched and whispered “Go ahead, I know you’ll still want me. Maybe now more than ever. Enjoy. I know you’ll be back.” I don’t care how elusive and flakey my darling croissant has been, he’s still my favorite. Maybe it’s the accent. I’ve been in bed with bread (and friends) for a very....long.... time. 

Since I was a child I’ve found comfort and solace knowing I could get a hot piece of bread any ole time. I know it seems young to get hooked, but it was love at first bite. Bread just lays around waiting for me to devour it in any given moment, not necessarily with rhyme or reason. Bread and I have enjoyed many random quickies and plenty of long, lavish meals together. I’ve been with bread and the whole wheat family. I’ve rolled around with all of the grains and really gotten with gluten in a pretty promiscuous way. I must change my wicked ways, or bread with have it’s way with me again and again, I’ll keep crawling back, I’ll loose control and then.... 

The guilt, the cravings, the mood swings, the bloating, the aches and pain, the inflammation, the foggy brain and weight gain. It’s all such a big price to pay.
It’s no longer worth it! This love affair is not healthy. 

I’m sick of opening my mouth to bread for a late night booty call. All bread has ever wanted to do is get inside me, make me sick, and then I feel like a loser for getting in bed with bread once more. I know bread doesn’t really love me! I also know I don’t really love bread. It’s my candida that actually feeds on the sugary sticky stuff that bread leaves me inside me. And do you know what bread babies look like? A fat and dimpled ass, that’s what. F#@& bread! That’s right! You heard me. I AM BREAKING UP WITH BREAD. As for you Gluten, you can go back to the bloated hell from which you came!
You yummy pastries can go stick you sweetness somewhere else! I’M THROUGH!

For all the ladies (and gents) out there who have been in an unhealthy relationship with bread, I feel you my party people! It’s been one hell of wild and delicious ride, but this is my stop. If you would like to join me in this mass break up with bread, I have a support group on facebook that will be very helpful when you get that late night desire to toast and butter that bad boy. Just say ‘No!’ You really have to tell yourself that ‘No’ means ‘No’, and that’s that. The cravings will pass, and so will the excess weight, mood swings, joint pain, forgetfulness, sugar crashes and low energy levels. I am choosing a healthier path, and it might not feel easy at first, or ever. But I have been convicted by Great Spirit to improve my body temple in the holiest ways, and to eat food closer to the earth. I am listening to this calling, and trusting it will greatly enhance my quality of life and ability to serve humanity.

The big questions is....Who to love instead of bread? There are so many FRESH and CLEAN lovers out there! Not that dirty, good for no nutrition bread. Ugh, I can’t believe I literally bought into breads BS for so long! He never cared about my health and wellbeing, only satisfying my cravings to be filled up. This was so temporary and unfulfilling. I forgive myself (and bread) and will focus from now on only on food friends that truly nourish me. There may be times when I feel like there is gaping hole where bread and I used to live together. When I feel that emptiness, I’ll realize that its actually my small intestine clearing out the glue and gunk that bread left behind. The emptiness is good. The absence of bread will open up a new space for healing foods friends to repair any damage. Ahhhhh.....deep breath in, and out. A sigh of relief! 

From now on when I choose a food friend it’s going to be one I know will nourish me and support my goals and dreams. Being on stage as a physique competitor before having children is one of those goals. I am about ten pounds of fat and 7 months of workouts away from that goal, so there will have to be some sacrifice, which I am happy to give. At first it will be hard, because bread is sooooo easy. It’s right there, ready and waiting for you to put something on it and shove it in. But no, I will not be led astray by such connivence. I have some strategies I will share here now.

How To Be Successful in Breaking Up With Bread:
  1. Don’t buy it! (Stay tuned for a grocery list on Day 2). 
  2. Meal PLAN (Day 3 is all about this amazing art).
  3. Meal PREP! (Don’t get hangry, Day 4 reveals all).
  4. Get another lover! (Bread substitutes coming on Day 5).
  5. Focus on THE RESULTS you want! (Day 6 is how to make a vision board to remind you daily of the reality you are creating.)

I hope this article inspires you to be a healthier, happier, holier version of you. You are PERFECT just as you are, and we are always in the making, be molded daily by The Creator. “Give us this day our daily....salad!” will be my new motto! Let me know how I can help you on your OWN life journey. I am here, and doing the work. I am here to HELP YOU do the work, too! One step at a time. To schedule a LifeStyle Consultation with me email me here. In the mean time, whether you’re in bed with bread or finally getting out, you’re exactly where you need to be, so simply love yourself
Thanks for reading!

As One,
Shellie White Light
LifeStyle Consultant & Muse

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Perfection Sucks

WHOA! Is it really the 16th day of the 16th year of the MILLENNIUM?!
It seems we are moving at the 'speed of life'. Even this little  Light can hardly keep up!
I have been busy, obviously. I am loving it, yet also need to take time to smell the scent of my fingers setting this keyboard on fire! I want to share my life with you so that you can benefit from all of the work I do. If I am 'too busy', then I am not serving you. From this point forward, you WILL be reading more from me. Busy or not, I am a writer. Let it be known!

I have not written anything on this blog in a while, and part of the reason for the is because I was 'waiting'. Waiting for the 'right time' or the 'right day' to inform you about the 'right subject matter', waiting for my perfect website to be ready. Then I finally called myself on a very serious dis-ease I have developed in my entrepreneurial years called "Paralysis by Perfection". This means not doing it at all because you don't think it's right or ready yet. This is crap. I will not allow myself to fall victim to such garbage. Nor will I allow you to fall into this trap! As I type these words, will a thousand 'other things to do', I am breaking down the walls of this Perfection Paralysis and beginning a new.

I had these debilitating thoughts that sounds like this:
"It has to be perfect, it has to be right, they have to be ready, I'm not ready, it's not good enough."
That's all there is to it.
(You can quote me on that ;)

Even though I have a new hoop class, got a new massage job, purchased a car, am working on two separate residual income businesses, writing meal plans, meal prepping, working out six days a week AND finding time socialize....I can still write a blog for you weekly. And, I will! Happily.

I realize what truly feeds me. I am filled up when I see another's cup overflowing, especially when only moments ago it was empty. I am a muse. A muse is one who (according to Webster) "a woman that is the source of inspiration for a creative artist". I am that. I am my own muse, and desire to me an inspiration for YOU as your creative, artistic self.

"But I am not an artist", you mind lies to you. YES YOU ARE! LIFE is ART.
Our words are our art.
Our actions are our art.
Our jobs and ways of earning money, this is also art.
Parenting is art.
Everything is art.
Therefore, we are all artists.

I am a muse for each of you, no matter what you do.

This is a declaration, a proclamation for myself and all of you.


How have you created your life today?

If you would like coaching on how to create a life that you love to live, with the tools to live it powerfully, I am here. I take on ONE private coaching client a month. Is it you? :) Are you ready?
YES. You choose when you are ready, not the circumstances of your life.

I have a variety of ways to assist you in becoming the force you want to be in this world.
Email me here if this piques your interest.

Until next time, cheers to living in the moment, with grateful breath and love at the center.
Blessings to you and all who love.
Aloha Nui Loa xo

One in Heart,
Shellie White Light

PS. One of the ways I am able to live on my own terms is working for myself and my affiliations with other companies that create residual income. If you are interested in learning more about these companies and how creating residual income works, email me here. Aloha!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Love is the Medicine ~ The Completion of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2015

Today is the day. The only day that exists in this moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow, only today. This particular day in time is quite the special one as it is a Total Full Blood Harvest Super Moon Eclipse. It is the fourth Blood Moon since April of 2014. There have been 54 Blood Moon Tetrads (series of four) since the birth of Christ. 5+4=9. 9 is a number of completion. Life as we have known it no longer exists. We are ushering in a New Era. Not only is the Moon in an auspicious placement, but all of the planets have aligned in such a way that it is undeniable that we are at the crest of a phenomenal astrological wave of inspiration, change, release, upgrade and ascension. The purpose of this blog is to inform you of the ways that the Universal Heart & Mind is here completely in support of your highest evolution and transformation, and to tune you into a an aspect of an ancient story that is still being played out. The Great Mother and Holy Father are here holding you in the highest divine White Light as a Sacred Child. This is a time for healing. This is a time for forgiveness. This is a time to acknowledge your true self and express it without shame, guilt, fear or falsities. It's time to show up. 
My new favorite phrase?
Show up and Glow! 

The Goddess Awakens as The Morning Star

This Blood Moon signifies the rising of a New Dawn. As Venus is currently the Morning Star, the Goddess is calling for recognition. I choose to recognize her in a way that is meaningful to me, and I feel will be refreshing for millions if they choose to digest it. I want to share a perspective of a very old story with you that may inspire you.... or may piss you off. However it lands within your being is perfect. My intention is love, truth and peace, so I trust that no matter how it lands, it will weave it's way into your heart with ease and grace. It is the story of Christ, in a very different light than you may be familiar with. This is more of the full story as it has made itself known to me, not just the masculine dominated patriarchal pages that we have been force fed through religion and politically edited texts. This part of the story includes a very special lady, one that has been a mystery to many throughout the ages. A lady of light who is the counterpart to the co-creation of Christ Consciousness. Now is the time to see her more clearly, as she steps out of the shadows and to the forefront of the stage on which this drama has been acted out for the last 2000 years.

The Feminine Christ 

Her name is Mary Magdalene. She is mentioned 12 times in the New Testament, showing up for Yeshua (Jesus), her beloved teacher, friend, healer, guide and companion, in the most meaningful of ways. I am not going to completely claim that Yeshua and the Magdalene were married or making love or having babies, but I am going to pose it as a possibility. She was the one that showed up for him in the most potent of ways, and her presence and lineage is more powerful than any of us may realize. Yeshua cast seven demons from her, she supported him financially, in one text is says 'he kissed her on the [mouth]' and was his companion, she washed his feet with her hair and tears, she was there at the crucifixion, and she was the one who waited at the tomb and witnessed his resurrected form for the first time. To me, these are all extremely significant. There is not any 'verified' text pointing to a marriage or a sexual relationship, but I have an intuition and a deep cellular knowing that Mary Magdalene was an initiated High Priestess and was a Tantric Ally for the Ascension of Christ. What I mean by Tantric Ally is this. For Jesus to do what he did (miraculously heal others and defeat death within his own body, eventually ascending in his light body to the ethereal realms) he practiced. He practiced breathing, He meditated, He fasted, He prepared. There is over a decade of Yeshua's life 'missing' from the Bible. There are sacred texts from India and other holy lands that lead us to believe He traveled to these lands and learned of the ancient ways of mastering the mind, body and spirit. He had teachers, and the Magdalene was one of them. Tantra simply means to 'to stretch'. Christ's life has definitely stretched our ability to love and receive love from Our Mother/Father God, so I would say it is Tantric for sure. Tantra is simply a weaving, a seeking of truth and a path of awareness. This is very much the Christic Path. Mary Magdalene was his Tantric Ally because she HELD SPACE for him to be the Master that he was. Holding space for his teachings. Holding space for his death. Holding space for his resurrection. Holding space for ascension. Holding space for His Mission to be grounded in solidly to this Earth Grid. Obviously Jesus needed a very powerful and devoted team to help him ground this impeccably powerful frequency of Unconditional Love onto this planet. She helped Him in ways we may never know. Whether they were making sacred love, married and eventually procreators to a mysterious lineage matters not. What matters is the Goddess that assisted Christ in his mission to bring this Light to this planet is SEEN, HONORED and WITNESSED. Now is the time for us to see. Now is the time for us to witness this resurrection within OURSELVES.

Re-Writing HerStory & History 

This Full Blood Super Harvest Moon Total Eclipse is a perfect moment in time to re-write all of the old stories that simply suck and don't make sense. I grew up the only daughter of a Baptist Minister (and both of my grandfathers were also ministers, my great-grandfather, too). I never felt comfortable with the hellfire and brimstone teachings of needing to be 'saved'. I knew in my heart that God was Love, that Jesus wouldn't damn anyone for inter-racial or gay marriage, and that just because I wanted to explore sexuality before I was married that wasn't a sinner. I knew that there was more to the story than what I was being told. Now, I realize I am helping to re-write this story and bring to light some of the aspects that may help you make more sense of it all. I do feel like this is the time of the 'Second Coming of Christ'. To me, this Second Coming is the Arising of the Christ WITHIN us. Jesus is The LIGHT within our very souls, the LOVE that we are made of! Not something outside of ourselves that we must beg to and plead for. He said it himself "the kingdom of heaven is within in you". His teachings were not of separation, judgement, hatred or fear. His teachings were to love each other, and he was surrounded by women and men who held him up and helped carry him forward. I feel that now is the time to recognize those Goddesses and begin to approach this story from the Perspective of the Divine Feminine, which has been buried, shamed, forgotten, abused, distorted and dismissed over the years in a very unfortunate way.

Sacred Womb Blood

As this Moon turns Blood Red it is time that we acknowledge the Sacred Blood that comes through the womb of the Divine Feminine. If we honor the Blood of Christ then we also can understand that our own blood is also sacred, especially the blood that would have made life, the blood that monthly flows from our Holy Chalice...our Sacred Wombs. These teachings may be hard for some to hear, and that is ok. I fear not the judgement or misunderstandings because now is the time for me to personally release the stories of fear and shame around my blood, my sexuality, my healing, my love, my life and my image. I am here to share with you the deepest of my truths on this day because TRUTH is the only thing that can really set us free. I feel that our wombs are the Holy Grail. That is how all of this connects. Mary Magdalene may or may not have birthed a child conceived with Yeshua; they may or may not have been married. But one thing is certain, she was a key element in the story and she was silenced and made out to be a whore, which is not true and never mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Her LOVE was a gift to Yeshua and helped make it possible for His purpose to be completed. Whether she birthed his child or not, she birthed his purpose. We are still helping Her complete this purpose, as we acknowledge and recognize that we are also Christ Like Beings placed on this planet now to help the entire planet ascend! 

Our Purpose and Role as Christ Light Beings

If Jesus healed people from the confines of death and turned his own body into pure white light then WE CAN DO THIS TOO! John 14:12 states this powerful truth: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”  We have a huge responsibility as we awaken to this truth. Stay with your breath, tap into your stillness, and operate from there. 

In Conclusion ~

So, here we are. This is how I am choosing to re-write a story in my mind that has haunted me and millions of others for millennia. If I choose to change the stories that were written for me around shame, guilt and suppression around sexuality, the Sacred Goddess, my divine monthly Moon Blood flow, and the power of Love and healing that is very present inside me then I am doing myself and everyone else a huge freaking favor. There has been so much pain and death around this story, and people do horrible things and call themselves 'believers'. I encourage you to tap deep down into your truths and drum up what resonates with you MOST on this Full Blood Harvest Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. Allow that which no longer serves your highest good to be completely released back to the realms of unconditional love. Let your demons know you love them, thank them for being your teachers and release them back to the Father who can manage them much better than you. Dissolve the old habits holding you back from truly stepping in to your full potential. Release the thoughts that drag you down. Let go of relationships that disrespect your heart. Forgo circumstances that are mediocre to allow for opportunities that will enable you to FLY!

To tie it all together and wrap it up with a beautiful bow I will leave you with these few key points. *Mary Magdalene represents the Divine Feminine in a story that has been very overly masculinely communicated; she brings balance and can show us how to perceive Christ/Jesus in a new light, allowing this energy to fully arrive on the planet, leading to the 'Second Coming' which is actually the arising of the Christ Consciousness inside of our beings. *The Blood Moon is an opportunity to honor the Goddess more fully by acknowledging that Moon Blood from a woman's womb is a sacred fluid that should be honored and given back to the Earth with love and reverence, not discarded and deemed disgusting. This is life force. This is sacred. It is a gift. *The power of Christ is within YOU, and your ability to heal yourself and the world around you is a real experience, not something outside of yourself. *Heaven is also inside of you and we can choose to experience heaven or hell at any moment. Your kingdom in within. On this unique day in space and time I ask of you, dear brothers and sisters, to honor yourselves as the High Kings and Queens you were born to be, the Holy Children of The Divine Mother/Father God/dess that thought you into existence! NOW IS THE TIME AND WE ARE THE ONES!!!!!
We are One with the very Source that Created All Things, and this is our time to show up and shine. I am here for you, here with you, and here as You. May all beings everywhere be peaceful, healthy, holy, happy, liberated and in their highest divine Truth. To all of our relations. Aho. Amen. So it is. 
Blessings and Love ~
Shellie White Light

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Glitz, Glitter & Glam Mini Series EPISODE 6

This one has ALL THE BLING!

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- Use blingy jewels and put them in beautiful designs
- touch ups that perfect the look
- so many easy tricks for bling application!

Thanks for watching! Parts 7-9 out next week! <3

-Shellie White Light
Bling & Bliss Specialist
Illuminated Living Expert

Glitz, Glitter & Glam Mini Series EPISODE 5

How to Prep Your Face with MASSIVE amounts of GLITTER!
Tricks to get supersparklefied! < yes that is a my world, anyway.
Comment and let us know what your favorite colors of glitter are.
We LOOOOVE glitter, if you can't tell by now.

-Shellie White Light
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Glitz, Glitter & Glam Mini Series EPISODE 4

Fun quick time REVIEW on the BASIC FACE we covered in parts 1-3!
Re-cap and SHIMMER TECHNIQUE to prep your face for FULL FRONTAL GLITTER :)
Comment and let me know how this look has gone for you if you've tried it, thanks!

-Shellie White Light
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