Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mama Maui, Baby Makani

I begun writing this on the plane from Tokyo to Maui. I finish writing this sitting in my best friends jungle cottage in Huelo, helping her prepare for the birth of her first baby. They plan to call him or her Makani. It is the New Moon. I am choosing to finish this writing project today and make way for the new one. My book. It is time! I have dedicated over a month of my life to writing about how Bali has changed me and for this I am grateful. Now I know the dedication it takes to write at least two to five pages daily. It is not easy work, and there are days when it just doesn’t happen. But overall, I stuck to it and have something to show for it. I am not sure just how many people have actually read it, but honestly, I don’t care. I needed to do this for me. I needed to do this to clear the pipe line, to pave the way for the more powerful work: My Book. The first of many. I realized being in Bali that my main purpose in this life is to write and talk and do it with passion in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message and make an impact. I have a potent story and when I tell it, hearts are opened and lives have been changed. I am feeling very good about this and want to continue on this path of writing, speaking and helping others realize their gifts through my gifts. Truly, that is what the White Light is for. It is for reflection. Illumination. Realization.  

Today there were many changes happening all around me, yet I felt strong and firm in my relaxed experience. I witnessed a brother go through some intense medicine work and he was changed, I witnessed another brother through the death of his lover/mentor who had terminal cancer, I witnessed the birthday of my dear sister Anisa Taylor who crossed over more than a year ago.....I witnessed this New Moon energy take its course and its toll on the lives of those around me and I know that I am not exempt from this force field. I chose to use the powerful energy, complete with howling winds, to empty myself of words about Bali, upload all of the videos I took over there to my computer, create a prioritized “To Do” list for the coming days, and write all of the ways I want to show up for myself by the next New Moon, the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years. It seems so far away to achieve these 10 year dreams of functional communities, retreat centers, international home bases, millions of dollars, best selling books, a family that is totally provided for, a radio/tv show and joint ventures of epic proportions...but that is why it’s a ten year plan and not a ten month plan. It’s almost easier for me to see the big picture than it is for me to focus on the present. I am a dreamer. And I’m not the only one ;)

For now, the present moment is asking me to write write write. I used much of my precious time in Bali and now using it here on Maui to prepare me for this. Instead of writing a daily blog I write a daily chapter. Simple! Right? My prayer for myself is that I do not procrastinate. I choose to harness the power of this wind and Arian Moon to ignite the fire within me that wants to see this book, and the many that follow, all the way through to completion, promotion and stardom. I know my message is valuable enough to reach tens of millions and beyond. If my first book, or any book I write could sell over 1 Billion copies I think that would be my life’s purpose completed. In the moment, anyway. 

Then, once I have a book that sells a billion copies I get to talk about it, which is the really fun part! I love to talk especially when it’s helping people find their center and discover options they hadn’t considered before. I have known since I was a child that I was meant for big things, and I know that my books are a huge part of it. They are a platform for me to launch from, into the ocean of inspired speaking, motivational performance, youth empowerment, feminine empowerment and self love exploration. I am just one woman, one voice. But I have the courage to tell my story, speaking up and out, ready to ride the wave once people start listening. I have had the support of my beautiful parents to do this my whole life, and now my community is beginning to support me as well. If you are reading this blog, you are part of this support team. THANK YOU! This is the last of the regular blogs and now I will write blogs once a week, maybe more here in there if there is something super epic occurring. In the meantime, sign up for my newsletter HERE and stay posted on the happenings that way. I love you dearly and really appreciate your time and energy. Now, I am off to celebrate the birth of my first godchild and also Earth Day, and my Beloved arrives in five days!!! We haven’t seen each other in TWO MONTHS. Once we have throughly reconnected. there will be a blog on that for sure ;) That one will be juicy indeed, and perhaps with a PG-13 rating as well. 
There is always a story to tell. I hope you are inspired by mine to find a way to share yours.
As One,
Shellie White Light

Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 38-40: The Last Three Days

Roosters call out at dawn. The cicadas are blaring if its full sun. It’s easy to wake up with nature when you have a live alarm clock outside your door. You would never find that in the city, a rooster as your wake up call. As I sit on my personal porch the sweet man running the bungalow brings me a tea cup, tea bag, dried coffee, sugar and a thermos full of hot water. I as I rise with the morning morning, and sip my black tea while watching the woman place the daily offerings with intention. The smell of the sweet incense is forever with me. The offerings of smoke, food, fruit, rice, all placed on palm leaf sections, left at various times of day can be found in front of every shop, every temple, every place deemed sacred or simply a spot fit for devotion in the moment. The beauty here is deeply impressed in my heart. The simplicity and reverence resounds in my soul. The structures have left a permanent memory in my mind, palaces and carvings and statues galore. The people have shown me how to be a more dedicated, decent human being. Bali is now in my blood. It has entered me through every sense and cellular aspect of my being. I have absorbed Bali into my very essence. I will carry her with me. She and I are One.

I go about my busy business of returning the massage table I borrowed, finishing up some last minute shopping, having a few meetings for future retreats and promotional opportunities. Business as usual in BALI. I realize that I have achieved so much while being here. I actually do have business partners and meetings that are valuable and creating opportunities that are substantial. Bali has blessed me in ways far beyond exposing me to superior beauty. Bali has blessed me with life long connections, friendships, lifestyle changes, potential career paths, material for my novel, cultural depth, new dreams, bigger dreams, the accomplishment of previous dreams, a strengthened sense of self, this blog, a better relationship with my partner as distance has made us stronger and more deeply in love, and above and beyond all else an exponentially increased attitude of gratitude!!! It is so easy to wake up in thanks, walk the streets in thanks, shop in thanks, buy gifts with thanks, eat delicious meals with thanks, visit with friends in thanks, revel in all of this beauty with thanks and go to sleep with a full heart every night with the deepest, most profound thanks. I am truly, immensely grateful to have spent this time here, allowing this magic to unfold. 

I bored a plane soon to fly away from this lovely island to another tropical paradise, Maui. I left from Maui and to Maui I shall return. My original plans before my best friend told me she was pregnant was to stay six months, and travel to Thailand, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. I still have this grand goal. Next year and in the years to follow I will set foot in all of these beautiful lands and leave no spiritual stone unturned. I am not seeking. I know whats there. Inside me, that is. I not 'looking for myself'. I found my essence a good while back. I am here to observe as much beauty as possible on this planet while I can, and traveling to some of the most incredible lands on the planet seems to reveal beauty in ways I could not imagine. I am not seeking my self anymore. I am perfectly found. I only want to steep myself in the experiences that these magical lands have offered wanderers for eons. I am happy to be going to Maui...again. I find myself returning to this particular paradise over and over again since 2011. It was my first "Big Adventure". And now, The Biggest Adventure of all awaits....a child is to be born! I am ecstatic and feeling very happy about this upcoming blessing. Bali has been one beautiful and wild ride, through and through, and now I feel the real work will begin as I arrive to support my beloved Best Friend in the Universe, Omni Love, as she enters the final weeks of her pregnancy. She is going to be a mommy! And I an Auntie. This is a special time, and I feel very blessed that I could go to Bali and back and still arrive in time to be a part of it all. My Beloved partner Kellen will arrive also, just a week after I do. This is extremely exciting for two reasons: one, he has never been to Maui so I get show him my Hawaiian Homeland, and two, we have not seen each other for TWO WHOLE MONTHS! Eeek! Close the doors and don't come a knockin', that's all I have to say about that ;)

Packing. I pack all of the things and it doesn’t take me as long as I thought it would. I tape up the hula hoops and tuck and squish all the clothes. I make everything very small and I purposely leave a couple articles of clothing behind that I secretly hate and never wear. I check out and pay the lady for two nights and a bottle of water. 305,000 rupiah. That's a little under $30. She says I can hang in my room until my taxi comes. Good. I need a little more time. I drink a little more coffee and have a few more moments of sun by the pool. I shower. I rinse my body with the last bit of Balinese water that I will feel on my skin for a good long while. But, I know this is not goodbye. It doesn’t even feel remotely close to being goodbye. I know it is a “thank you for coming, see you again very soon” type of moment between her and I. We have an agreement. We like each other. Our first encounter has gone extremely well and can still be improved upon! Everything has room for improvement, and I would say my first trip over here was a phenomenal start. 

From teaching at the most epic international hoop gathering of Sacred Circularities, to performing at Bali Spirit Fest, to giving body work, breath work and Human Design sessions, to stabbing my finger in the spiky tree, to communing deeply with the lotus pond, to being a Queen in a Water Palace, to hooping my heart out, to praying traditionally as the Balinese do at the Water and Mother temples, to the salty oceanic awesomeness, to the volcano, to the rice fields, to the best friends and new friends, to my first medicine drum, to the sunrises and sunsets, to the geckos and monkeys, to befriending amazing musicians and singing my story to my peers, to the love, the light and the letting go..........
To Bali. 

To sweet, generous, beautiful, bountiful, brilliant, breathtaking Bali....I love you!
Blessings from the Heartland,
Shellie White Light

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Days 35-37: Gili Air

Ahhhhhh....white sands, turquoise water, full sun, good food, great company and mushroom tea! Ha! That about sums it up. The rest is just details about giant monitor lizards, bad psy-trance music and snorkeling. I really needed a vacation while on, um, vacation. I had been working for four weeks straight, three weeks teaching hoop dance at Sacred Circularities and one week assisting and performing at Bali Spirit Fest.  I hadn’t had the chance yet to just full on relax, and when I saw Tammy while riding down the street on the motor bike, saying “Im headed to the Gili’s”, everything in me screamed “I’m going with you!” And so, I did.
I packed a little bag, grabbed my hoops, extracted some funds from the ATM and hopped in a cab with Tammy and Sita to catch the boat to Gili Air. There are multiple Gili Islands, all of which I want to visit someday, but today we were headed to the Air  Around this time of year there is always a big after party for the Pirates Retreat, which is a small fire and flow festival that happens on it’s own little private island.  The Pirates after party consists of non-stop psy-trance music which to me is some of the worst music to my ears on the whole planet, except music that has negative lyrics. I have no judgement, it’s just far from my personal preference of musical choice. But it's all good, I'm not going for the music, I'm going for the people and the place. Plus, it's healthy for me to step out of my comfort zone now and again.
We arrived on Gili Air after an hour taxi ride from Ubud and an hour boat ride from the port. We took a horse and carriage (no motor taxis here) around about half the island to find a bungalow for the three of us to share. We found one called Puri Air and made ourselves at home. We unpacked and went across the street to have a sunset dinner. After dinner we decided we would ‘take a nap’ and then head to the party. I went to sleep around 8pm and I had my alarm set for 10:45pm. It never went off. Instead, we awoke around 4:45am and went to the party then! It was still bumpin' full on. We enjoyed the sunrise and danced to some not-so-bad psy-trance, practiced some hoops and watched the crazy kids who had been burning fire all night continue to spin away. It was actually pretty fun. I saw my friend Yul from Peru who I had spent two months in the jungle with out there. We told each other we would end up meeting and Bali, and there on Gili, we did! We danced and I hooped and we could only take so much of the crazy psy-trance and littered beer bottles. It was time we went for our breakfast. 
After breakkie we rented some bikes and headed to the local reggae bar for some magical mushroom tea. Yes! 
We sipped on tea and did yoga and headstands and then got into the water. To me, this was the most the magical moment of the trip. The water was perfect in temperature, color, current and caress. My body really appreciated soaking in the salt and my eyes were happy with all of the brilliant sparkling ripples and waves. I felt like a mermaid! Sita and I just giggled and swam around. I recognized what a blessed life I live, and I would need to hold on to this moment of recognition later in the day when events took a slight turn downhill....more on that later.
After what felt like hours playing in the shallow waters of shore we decided to rent some snorkeling masks. We rode our bikes a little further down and came across our good friend Gail O’Brien who had just finished teaching at Pirates. She took us to her super cute little cottage and walked us around the garden. In her garden were these crazy huge monitor lizards that looked totally prehistoric and like they could definitely eat me if they wanted to! I took some film and footage from a distance. There was this one moment where I thought the lizard was going to attack a little cow right in front of us, but no! It just made a weird little farting sound and slithered back into the water. It was certainly an odd site to witness! All on camera. I’ll eventually post it on my YouTube :)
After some lizard watching we went for a snorkel with Gail. It was kind of sad for me to see that the reef on the shore was all pretty much dead from blasting it back in the day for fishing purposes. Now there are still some really beautiful fish, but the reef is grey. I experienced the same thing snorkeling in Australia, and in the Bahamas. I have yet to see live, vibrant coral reef. I know it’s out there, but it is a sobering reality to see how much of it has vanished. On the bright side however, there were sea turtles and beautiful rainbow spectrum fish, polyps and all sorts of interesting creatures that I dared not go near, but enjoyed hovering over the seascape and the beauty that resided there. 
After snorkeling with my lady friends we took our bikes all around the island. It doesn’t take long to ride around the island at all, maybe 30 minutes, but we took all day between tea and friends! We did some shopping and had a nice lunch. I got lots of nice little gifts for the kids back home, my parents, my friends and my lover. I realized I needed to go to the ATM after all of that and lo and behold, guess what I found was missing?! MY ATM CARD! I didn’t panic though. I remembered how perfect life felt only hours ago in the rippling light waves of the ocean, smiling and feeling at peace. I made all the calls needed and was able to borrow enough from my friend to get back home. Thank God for my sweet Beloved Kellen who went above and beyond to make sure I could access all of the funds I needed for the remainder of my stay in Bali, and baggage fees backs to the islands. It takes a community sometimes to help you out in a time of need, and I am very grateful my friends were able to say when I needed to ask.
We had a nice hoop session on the beach. I have become obsessed with practicing balancing the hoop on the tip of my middle finger over my head. After our sunset beach hoop session, we had a nice dinner of yellow fin tuna and caught a horse back to our bungalow in a downpour. Another early bedtime for us crazy kittens.
We awoke, had our morning meal, watermelon juice and tea, and then made our way back on the boat and in a cab to Ubud. I only had three days, two nights left, to be in Bali, with a few loose ends to tie up, so I checked into a cheap bungalow with a nice pool and decided that after all of this time with friends and faces, I needed to just chill. Me and the pool. That’s it.
I love this place so much and feel so honored to have been here for five whole weeks!
I am definitely returning next year with more time, more money, and more space in my schedule for unplanned adventure, as this spontaneous trip to the Gilis was just what I needed.
Truly, a blessing of blessings to lounge in blue water on white sands with good friends by your side. Looking forward to having my lover with me next year as this place is totally romantic. If you are looking for a lovely place to honeymoon at anytime, Bali is your best bet! Until next time, stay shining....
and Be The Love,
Shellie White Light

Day 34: Music For The Soul

From Tirtagganga, I made my way to Canggu to visit my friend Kayo (amazing clothing designer) and catch the last Dustin Thomas show, with Jus Wright opening. I love these kids. They are the voice of a new wave of music. These musicians sing of real time world issues and real life stories pour from their soulful sounds, and they do it with hearts a flame. My first taste of music like this was Nahko, with whom I was able to spend beautiful time with in 2012 and 2013, even performing with him and Medicine For The People for six shows along the East Coast of Australia. Dustin has performed with Nahko and is now on his own mission, with a big voice, big hair and standing tall. I really value his passion for exposing truths that many may not uncover on their own, but music has a way of weaving it’s way into the hearts and psyches of so many. Dustin is on a fiery path, blazing a trail along with others like Nahko, Jus Wright, Sara Tone, Trevor Hall of SOJA, Michael Franti, Matisyahu, and so many more that deliver a potent message with their pleasing sounds. I like to choose music of this nature, that is still underground and independent, to perform my hoop pieces to, to help get these musicians exposed and appreciated. It worked with Nahko's music , and now I have the whole hoop community obsessed, haha! Dustin, your next buddy! Be ready hoopers, some new jams are headed your way.

The show was so much fun! I danced with my hoops for some of Jus Wright’s songs, helping to get the crowd stoked and dancing. Then, Dustin rocked it and got the crowd to donate over 4 million rupiah to fund buying guitars for local village kids who want to play music. An inspiring site to witness. The more I listen to music like this the more I want to play music like this. It ignites something within me that desires to use my voice in a more powerful way. I love telling stories and singing, so I feel that once I learn an instrument other than my own voice, that song writing and performance of this nature will unfold naturally. It was a really powerful moment being on that beach at Old Man’s Beer Garden with Dustin and Jus on stage resounding a noise that helped hundreds find a center point in a world of chaos. 

Before the show I took a while to myself on the beach with my lighted LED hoops and just gave the local stall owners a surprise light hoop show. It’s color therapy for me, and it’s nice to just dance to dance, knowing others are watching but it’s not officially a performance or anything. It’s just for the Love. Music for the Love. Dance for the Love. Love for the Love.

After the show I was blessed to catch a sleepy ride back to Ubud with the boys. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do when I got to Ubud at 3AM but luckily my brother had a bed for me and I got a little sleep between roosters and village sounds. In the morning I still wasn’t sure why I was in Ubud and so I hitched a ride towards Clear Cafe, thinking I would get some ‘clarity’ at Clear, along with some yummy breakfast. Before we even got to the main road I saw my girl Tammy FireFly, saying she was headed to Gili Air Island for a little R&R and to visit with all of the tribe who would be there for a post Pirates Retreat Trance Party. I’m not into psytrance but I sure did like the idea of heading to the beach with some girlfriends! I never made it to Clear Cafe that day, but I did end up on a boat headed to the sunny Gilis! Spontaneity and adventure are always first on my list at times like these. When in doubt, do something you weren’t expecting.
Here are some photos of the DT and Jus Wright show, and until next time, keep shining, singing and holding the flame strong in your heart of hearts. Journey on!

-Shellie White Light

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Days 32 & 33: Tirtagganga ~ The Palace of Holy Waters

Today as I awoke the sky was pink and the earth was misty. There was a fine line between heaven and the ground. Perhaps I have found a place where the two become one. The ocean lies on the horizon, and some mountainous islands sitting as if they were afloat on the majestic sea. The thousands of lotuses open and close, devoted to the low light, and the fragrance of incense and frangipani’s wafts through the air. My ears are not distracted but soothed by the constant sound of the ever flowing spring fed fountains. My eyes relax as I take in the early morning sunlight through the trees, giving thanks for another day in this blessed, beautiful, holy land. I can see dozens of fountains from my pillow in my hand carved wooden bed. I feel the wind and smell the morning mist. I am honored to awake in such beauty; a waking dream. I give thanks.
I have been rising at 5AM so that I don’t miss one single second of this precious light. 

I feel like a Queen. I am actually staying in a villa that was formerly royal headquarters. There was a time when this was truly a palace, now it is mostly a place for tourists to view and local children to swim, but luckily, I have a connection to a friend who owns a beautiful villa on the property. I am using this time and these sacred grounds for creation. I am allowing my waters of creation to flow. Of course, my moon water has also come during this time. By moon water I mean ‘my period’. This is auspicious in my eyes, as a woman’s moon time is her prime peak of creative focus, a time for nesting and being nurtured, and a time to honor the waters of the world. So Here I Am, in the Palace of Holy Waters, being served delicious and nutritious foods, writing, dancing, and feeling right at home as a royal citizen of this precious planet. 

I am only here in Bali for one more week. I am writing this on a Thursday and I leave next Wednesday. I will be back on Maui in 8 days. Wow. It’s kind of crazy and hard to feel into that. I feel like I am just completely arriving, actually. I am just learning my first words of Indonesian and Balinese. It’s peak Durian season! I am just now beginning to know the names of the beautiful faces I have been meeting and seeing over and over again amongst the festivities and social happenings (which are ALL the time in Ubud). I really love it here. I tell the truth when I say I will have a home here some day. One day, hopefully in the near future, I will have a place here in South East Asia to call my own, a place to keep my ‘Bali Wardrobe’ and snorkeling gear, my Asian adornments and Hindu inspired altar pieces. I realize I want homes in many regions of the world; Continental North America, Hawaii, Asia, South America and even though I haven’t been there yet I feel the call to Southern Europe. As a global citizen, I feel blessed to be able to travel the way I have, to stay in places like this beautiful Water Palace, from where I write these words. 

As my skin is softened and browned by the sun during my time here in Bali, the waters have softened and suppled my soul. I feel more radiant and in my female prowess than ever before. Finally, I feel like a woman. I have embraced my power, my beauty and my mission ten fold since setting foot on this lovely land. I am beyond grateful for these people, the culture, the food, the wisdom, the volcano which I have to visit first thing when I return, and especially thankful to my dear sister in creation Jaguar Mary who created Sacred Circularities, the platform that I love so much that brought me all this way. I may have made it some other way at some other time, but I am so glad I was invited to teach hoop dance in Bali! I keep saying it over and over again, but it's real....Dreams Do Come True!

Lunch is now served, so it is time to retire from my keyboard for the day. Until tomorrow, be well and vital in all that you do, and know that time is only a tool to keep us on track in achieving our purposes, passions and positive perceptions. As the time has flown by as swiftly and silently as an owl in the night during my time here, I realize that we are simply spinning, turning, twirling like the tides, neither coming nor going, but moving in the moment, as the moment also moves. It is time. Whatever you desire, now is the time. Follow, reach, grab and go. Don’t cling or hold, just flow with the wave. Wherever it drops you, there you are. Sometimes you get lucky, and the tide drops you in some magical royal quarters at a beautiful Water Palace in rural Bali. Hold the Flame!
Bless You!
May you see magic in every moment,

Shellie White Light

Enjoy the magical pictures!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

11 Days of DeLight ~ Part II

I will miss the morning light streaming through the rice fields just past my doorstep at Ananda Cottages. The lotus pond that received my moments of meditation will always hold a space very dear to my heart. The family that I greeted daily at breakfast with excitement and curiosity of what the action packed day would bring will always be a family I can count on, a family I feel is truly my own.  I love my hoop family so much! As I pack my things, many of which I brought and many of which I bought, I realize how at home I had begun to feel. Yet truly, I feel at home all over the world. I am looking forward to unpacking in Austin and not having to repack everything I own for a while. Even though I will be traveling in shorter bursts this summer, I will finally have a home base, and I feel that will serve me well. Until then.....

I spend the next four days posted up in a place called Ani’s Villa which has an amazing pool with my lovely sister from London, Sofia. I stayed there during my Bali Spirit Festival experience. I attended Bali Spirit Festival as a Presenter’s Assistant by day and Fire Dance Performer by Night. Wow, what a powerful and potent time for this festival to be in full swing, with Saturday as the pinnacle, as a Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse darkened the skies with a rosy hue. 

Thursday was a blast as I assisted Mailaka for her 5 Elements Dance Activation. It was really fun and informative to witness this shamanic dance journey being held in the open container of a festival scene. I am used to small, intimate dances in candle lit spaces with women I know, and this was a day time, open air space with many faces I’d never seen. A perfect situation for me to grow! I helped set up the altar, retreat flyers and such, getting the space dialed in. Once we got started and were going strong there were a few folks on the outskirts just watching and wondering what on earth this fun was, and it felt really good to pull them in and say ‘Dance with us! We are currently dancing for ‘the earth element’ (or fire or whatever element they came in on). It was a super delightful experience to dance with all of these beautiful beings, holding space while Malaika facilitated with ease, grace and power. She even received sign ups for her Elemental Embodiment Retreat w/ Deya Dova and for her 5 Elements Dance Activation Teachers Training! I am all about helping others step into their power, and these trainings are certainly one fun and full on way to do just that. I’m really grateful for my continued studies with my Shamanic Dance Mentor, Malaika Darville

That night I cruised over to the beautiful resort where Bhakti Night was being held. I love devotional music. Being raised in the church I sang hymns of praise, and now the earth is my church and I am still singing praises to the Most High just in different languages and contexts. I will always love music and music will always love me! I was very inspired by tonights music, especially Peia. WOW! Her voice blew my mind and melted my heart. I will be listening to her and picking up on the tones and vibrations, allowing my own voice to mimic this angelic vocalists. She is truly a gift to this planet and the heavenly realms. PachaMantra was also an amazing inspiration to me with their danceable medicine music and multiple musician band. Every time I listen to music that moves my soul I realize this is part of my highest calling. This experience in Bali has led me to an understanding of my higher purposes and gifts, and I really look forward to what they look like when in full bloom. Right now, the little lotus seeds have been planted in the fertile grounds of my humble heart, and with practice and prayer I will nurture them dearly. Another seed that was planted came through the meeting of an old friend, Eugene, who is putting on the first Tantra Festival here in the states this September. We both feel that my hoop dance and breath work offerings would be a perfect match. The Tantric Path has been a study of mine for the last 8 years, so I look forward to deepening my connections in this realm. Thursday was a lovely first day for me at Bali Spirit Festival on every level.

Friday was a very different type of day. I have just come from a full on three week retreat and right into festival mode, and had to be honest with myself and take a day off! There was no assisting or performing scheduled for me that day, so I slept in. Upon waking Sofia informed me that our neighbors had acquired the tiniest little kitten who’s mommy had abandoned it. They were leaving and needed someone to care for it until it found a home or the rescue people could come. Of course Sofia and I said yes and we took this precious little cat, a sweet little calico no bigger than my own tiny hand, under our motherly wing. We fed it every two hours with a syringe and it was so tiny that we even had to help the little critter pee since usually it’s mom would lick it to help it do that. We used a wet cloth and it worked. Talk about bonding! Sofia was the one who really stepped up since I had festival responsibilities and she did an amazing job. We even made a little bed in a bag for it and took it shopping with us and everything. We even took the little thing out to our friend Lenna’s birthday dinner with us and let all of our friends see how cute it was hoping one of them would want it. No one could take it, and eventually Sofia had to give it to the Bali Animal Welfare Association. I hope they care for it properly and find it a good home! It is literally the cutest little cat I have ever seen and it opened my heart up so wide and big. Funny how something so small can make you feel love so big.

Saturday was a massive day at Bali Spirit. That night was the Total Lunar Eclipse, with a Full Blood Moon in Libra, and also the night I performed with one of my favorite down tempo electronic dance musicial duo’s, Desert Dwellers. The day began very early at dawn as I arose with the geckos and lovebirds to catch a taxi to the daytime location of Bali Spirit Fest to assist Malaika with the Shiva Shakti 5 Elements Dance Activation at 8AM. Getting a taxi was a minor nightmare, and then finally the one we did catch was some random man on a bus who said he knew where he was going but stopped his huge bus every five seconds to ask random sidewalk strangers where the place was. He also kept changing the price the entire time. Well, hello eclipse energy! I could tell today was going to be one heck of a ride....and it was, starting on the rickety bus with the nice but odd man who finally got us to Purnati for BSF. 

We arrived just in time for the Shiva Shakti activation and wow, what a special and amazing experience. We united our Divine Feminine and Masculine in really sweet exercises, together and apart. Lots of eye gazing and soft touches. Much celebration of the beauty in the other and recognition of uniqueness. It was lovely. Then, to my surprise, Malaika called me into the middle of the circle and blessed me with a red rose and flower petals that Kellen had requested be delivered to me. It was our two year anniversary that day, and since we couldn’t be physically together he had Malaika honor me in front of 50 other people as his Divine Beloved Shakti! I accepted the rose and cried with happy tears and could feel the love all the way from Texas! What a beautiful honor and surprise. Thank you, Kellen! I love you baby. 

After the dance, pool time and delicious noms I got super glittered and glam for the evening of music and performance. I felt SO honored to be taking the stage with Desert Dwellers, Tammy FireFly, Dai Zaobob, Forest of Liquid Fire Mantra and the amazing Tribal Fusion Dancer Deb Rubin. What a dream team! We all were dressed and made up and sparkling to the nines and ready for the show. We rocked it solid with fire palms, staves, bugaang, fire hoops, double fire hoops, aerial silks and exquisite stage presence. Truly, I had the time of my life! With it being my Two Year Anniversary, a Full Moon Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse, Day 3 of Bali Spirit, and my debut performance with these epic musicians, I felt like my life reached a pinnacle moment of completion. Love, Purpose, Passion, Travel, Artistic Collaboration and really all came together for me on this night in Bali. I am feeling so beautifully blessed, and if this is what the first year of my 30’s looks like, then I can hardly wait to see how this precious decade of my life continues to unfold. Giving THANKS!

Sunday was the final day of Bali Spirit and it went out with a bang fo’ sho’! It was a late night for me after Saturday’s performance and a little dancing at the after party, but I still made it to the festival in time for the infamous Sunday Bali Spirit Ecstatic Dance. I can see what all the rage is about! There was an epic DJ who was bouncing the house with trancey-techno-house beats and the crowd was a rolling ocean of sweaty smiling and very ecstatic dancers. I had a moment where I felt so happy that tears popped out of my big brown eyes and I just looked towards the sky, twirling all the while. I had so much fun dancing with this tribe! I danced right on over to the breath work hall to help facilitate  the lovely Christabel Zamour’s Breath of Bliss workshop. I was already high on life, and then to help hold space while Christabel facilitated all kinds of heart opening, identity dissolving, mind melting breath work to over 250 people (50 of which were non-english speaking local Balinese) was a rare and wonderful gift. She has such a radiant presence that I aspire to also hold, and it was very educational and inspiring to watch her do her thing and receive the transmission. I would like to study more with Christabel and as a breath work facilitator myself, I am deeply inspired to create my own breath work training so that even more people can be reached and revived through the power of their own breath. 

Wow, as if it weren’t already a full on day and weekend, it was time for another night of epic music. I made my way over and had a really amazing time hanging with new friends backstage, and watching the amazing dancers and musicians. A kid named Daniel Sonic BLEW MY MIND with his liquid pop and lock routine, and the feather head dressed Dayak tribe from Kenya blasted the crowd with very unique tribal show dance. Dustin Thomas pierced through our barriers and straight into our hearts with a captivating set featuring the guest voices of the Aloha Family Band (Tubby Love, Amber Lily and Jus Wright). I love hearing Dustin’s songs and storytelling. I want to sing with him on stage one day. I also would like to sing with Nahko. Part of me feels the dreams are far fetched, but with my track record of manifesting exactly what I want and feel aligned with, I know that if I keep training my voice and calling in the songs from spirit that this is a truth and reality I can honestly claim someday. I love the way it feels to watch a musician on stage powerfully stepping into their talents while using the microphone to also deliver messages of timely truth and activation! It is time for our Rainbow Tribe to rise up with words as weapons and hearts of fire, to blaze forth towards a world that no longer tolerates the destruction and desolation of the waters, lands, animals and ecosystems. Dustin speaks on this and so will I. He lit a fire in me that is burning bright and I will fan it with my lungs bellowing the beautiful words that spirit sends. I am open. I am ready.

The night also included amazing music from one of my new favorite bands PachaMantra and also David Block of The Human Experience. All rockin’! I had a really good glow hoop session to PachaMantra and was all geared up for the glory of the after party. Once I got to the after party it was almost 3AM. I realized I needed to be heading to Denpasar to complete my Visa extension by 6AM, so around 4:30 I decided to take a nap before making the hour trek to immigration. The after party was pretty fun, but since I don’t drink alcohol I felt like I couldn’t appreciate it like everyone else. It would have been nice to have some family fun favors around, but that kind of thing is tricky here in Bali, so I walked a straight and narrow path, had some fun dances, and called it a night (or a morning) just before the sun came up. Sunday became Monday and I met my friend to cruise over to Denpasar to make it all good with my Visa (it’s $20 a day if you overstay!) So, I had a super crazy fun blasty blast of a time on the last day of Bali Spirit and STILL made it to my 8AM appointment. Good job, Shellie! I think I might be stepping into some form of actual adulthood, even though I hula hoop, dance, and travel for most of my ‘living’. If this is what being an adult can look like, I think I can finally accept ‘being 30’ :) 

All in all, Bali Spirit Festival and all of the beautiful people that came along with it just made my world a wonderful place. I feel so honored to have been a presenter’s assistant this year for Malaika Darville and Christable Zamour, and to perform on stage in front of over 1000 people with Desert Dwellers. This experience, and the climactic moment of the eclipse during it all, has been one of my wildest dreams come true, and I am eternally grateful to Great Spirit and all of the loved ones helping me along the way. Next year, I plan to BE a presenter and continue to perform and play with all of my new and old friends. Bali Spirit will be a Festival of choice for years to come. Thanks for the good times, BSF!

Now, I am decompression and filming some hoop, fire and fauna footage on the lovely grounds of the Tirtagganga Water Palace out East. It is SOOOOO beautiful here, my god! I am blessed to be staying in a villa known as the King’s Quarters, and feel that one day, perhaps this will be one of my many homes. I feel like calling it ‘my writing villa’. Being here really inspires me to write and dance, and since I am outside of Ubud I have less social distractions (even though I have a slight case of FOMO ((fear of missing out)) due to all of the EPIC post Bali Spirit Music happening right now in Ubud). I needed some downtime, though, really really intensely. As much as I want my life to be one continual stream of socializing and connecting, I needed some space to clear my head, my energy and REST. This has been the perfect place. I hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures of Bali Spirit, and check out my facebook page to catch some video clips of Desert Dwellers, Dustin Thomas and The Human Experience! 
Blessings to you all from the World of Holy Waters,
Shellie White Light 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

11 Days of DeLight ~ Part 1

This blog comes in two parts and covers days 20-31. I had the powerful intentions to write one blog a day, but as Week Three of Sacred Circularities began and I decided that my body needed more yoga and less time at the computer, more sleep and less late nights up writing, more hoop and less observation, and then with the epicness of Bali Spirit right after that, my blogging has lagged for the last 11 days. So, this blog is a recap of all of Week Three, and Part Two reveals the magic of Bali Spirit Fest. I write this from the villa that sits on the pristine grounds of The Water Palace on the East side of Bali. I am listening to the fountains and streams serenade me with the subtle sounds of surrender. Water flows. It simply flows with no resistance or argument. That is me in this moment. I ended up here by allowing my path to flow along without any struggle. The past 11 days have been a whirlwind. A tidal wave. Now I have a moment to reflect i the mirror of the lotus pond. Ready for the ride?

Let’s start with the beauty that was the last week of Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance & Movement Meditation Retreat. We savored the last days of SC Bali, and drank up all of the delightful nectar that was dripping from every sacred syllable and sound spoken between us, every sweet glance exchanged, every touch and gesture...each moment precious and irreplaceable. Each day, we gave thanks. Every meal delicious, every sunrise and sunset sacred and soothing. We could feel the time slipping by so fast, and we know that clinging to a moment is not an option. Instead, we soaked it into our very beings. Our DNA is now programmed with the joyous times we all shared here. Joyous times indeed.

The teachers here are some of my best friends. I feel so lucky!
The workshops with Caterina Sutton were amazing and inspiring, as we Metamorphasized as butterflies, explored the floor and some fancy footwork and used “breaks” as a breathing meditation. Gail’ O’Brien’s workshops melted my brain a little as always, as we tossed, twisted, and trained in the technical realms. I am always inspired to practice SO MUCH MORE after hooping with Gail! Babz blasted us with tantalizing tricks and groovy leg work, and left us with some great material to incorporate into our flow for some added funk. Jaguar Mary led us through some amazing meditations, some really sweet partnered exercises, and opened our minds and hearts to the realms of inner beauty. I love it when JM does her thing! It’s always an inspired experience. Francie led some super succulent yoga classes on the mornings I wasn’t teaching breath and I made it to as many as I could. I love the way she facilitates and speaks. Francie is an inspiration to me for sure, as she is living on of my future dreams of holding international retreats and living the healthy life! 
My workshops were some of my favorite to teach out of the three weeks because I was able to share one of the most powerful technologies I have ever experienced: Breath Work. The facilitation of The Breath Empowerment was incredible and very special. People truly have life changing experiences and it is such an honor to hold space and guidance for this transformative 90 minutes. There were at least 35 people there, which may be the largest circle I have held on my own. Everything went perfectly and everyone had a powerful experience; my prayers answered! I have been incorporating more singing into the closing portion of the practice and really enjoy using my voice a shamanic tool. The Breath Empowerment paved the way for participants to fully receive the next two workshops I led, based on the Nine Breath Method, which is just a powerful as the Breath Empowerment but a shorter and more succinct technique. Both of those workshops were incredible; the first one being instructions and practice for the technique, and the second one being a Nine Breath Healing Circle which had a great turnout and potent results. After my circle, I received the message that Christabel Zamour of Hoop Girl & Breath of Bliss wanted me to help assist her Bali Spirit Workshop! What a blessing! Looking forward to that. I LOVE teaching breath work and feel that breath, song and storytelling are certainly in my future career cultivations :) Be on the lookout for recorded audio versions of these powerful practices.

I also had a beautiful time at Malaika’s 5 Elements Ecstatic Dance.This is my sixth 5 Elements Dance led by Malaika, and every one is unique and different, and as a facilitator I love witnessing her variations and seeing what feels really yummy to incorporate into my own facilitation! It always feels right to sweat and pound the floor with my feet. This is how I truly worship. This is how I expose my soul to my Creator. 
Ah, sweet release! 
Afterward, I felt very honored when she asked me to assist her during her 5 Elements for Bali Spirit Fest. This week is bringing me lots of opportunities to fully participant in the Bali Spirit Festival which I have been asking for. Again, prayers answered. More on the epic surprise I received during that dance in Part Two.... ;)

We also had a lovely excursion to Ganung Kawi, an ancient Buddhist Temple that dates back to the 11th Century. There are massive stone carvings in the side of the cliffs, all built around the royal tombs of the ancient kings and queens. The river and rice fields surrounding the temple helped me to feel at home. There is something about the swaying of the rice in the wind, and the rushing of a river over my feet that assures me of the simple truth that ‘I belong here’. We all do. Everyone deserves this. We are all Royal. The beauty that was once for the rich dead is now for those alive and well, here and now, able to climb the 300 plus steps it takes to get down to this beauty. I do appreciate the intricate carvings and aesthetic pleasure here on this island. The Balinese believe if they make things as beautiful as possible, the gods will stay pleased. It seems to be working.

Another highlight of Week Three was the Tribal Market & Performance Showcase. I was blessed to be the Emcee again, and I seriously love that playful job! It’s an honor to witness the vendors shine in their creative light, introduce the performers and watch them passionately display their talent and art, and have the opportunity to be myself while serving my community. Plus, all of this emcee experience is showing me how much I love being on the mic! Like I said before, I feel a new and expanded career path coming on....

I also managed time for a photo shoot with Bailey Wheeler this week. Here is a sneak peak at some of the lovely images that came from this really amazing experience. I had so much fun and felt so beautiful. We had the blessing of perfect lighting, a lotus flower that fell right into my hands, and a beautiful little spiraled friend that showed up as a sweet surprise in the petals! Thank you, Bailey of B.Balanced Photography for provided not only me, but pretty much every instructor and some lucky and smart participants who booked sessions with you with the most amazing photographs and memories. What a talented young woman with extraordinary gifts. I just loved this co-creation. 

Finally, after a week of daily dancing, sunshine, temples, talent shows, tribal markets, workshops, epic food, laughter, loving, learning, letting go, taking in, watching, waiting, witnessing, helping, hoping, highs, lows and LOTS of life lessons we came to the humbling and heart centered Closing Circle. As we all shared our stories about the week, and for many of us the past three weeks, tears streamed and smiles beamed. We couldn’t believe it was really over, and were also ready to take our experience with us into our daily realities. I know that I am really looking forward to a daily hoop practice commitment, as well as incorporating all of the aspects of myself that I have discovered along the way. The Closing Circle came to, well, a close...haha, and it was time to say Good Bye to the friends we had made with lots of hugs and sweet words. Truly, it never feels like ‘goodbye’ in this community. I know I will see my spinning brothers and sisters’s only a matter of time and travel. Two things that I feel blessed to be abundant with in this life.

Overall, my three weeks teaching and writing at Sacred Circularities was absolutely one of the most profound and perfect experiences of my entire life. This dream has been three years in the making. I remember when I was in Australia in 2012 during a total solar eclipse that fell four days from my birthday, wishing I could extend my trip in Australia so that I could fly over to Bali for a while, and I have been wanting to teach at the Bali SC for some time now. Here I am in Bali, present for an amazing eclipse three years later. There is magic in the moon. Sedona is also so amazing and teaching there for two years has whet my appetite to deepen my involvement with the SC family, so I feel so blessed to have gone three weeks deep with this tribe! I am so grateful to Jaguar Mary for founding and forging this Sacred Circularities path that affects so many in such a positive way. Thank you, JM, for bringing us all out here together to teach and learn, to touch and grow, to feel and express, to transform and be transformed, to experience and witness, to be in this beauty and feel the depth of the culture. Truly, an ultimate dream come true. I can only imagine what’s next!

As soon as SC was complete, Bali Spirit Festival had already begun and I am diving straight all about this initiation and co-creation in Part Two! I hope you enjoyed taking in these words and images as much as I love delivering them. 
Blessings to you from the clean, clear flowing waters of the Water Palace in Bali!

-Shellie White Light